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Pockets of Consciousness - Are you Done

3 of More to come – When do you know that you are done with an issue and ready to create a new future for yourself.

I have dealt with hip pain for over three years, it coincided not quite a year after I retired from a sedentary job at a desk for over thirty years. At first my Chiro and I thought the problem was deep adhesions in my upper thigh from crossing my legs for over thirty years (and the adhesions were there). I then progressed to having deep tissue massage therapy to break down the adhesions, this helped tremendously with the pain, I wasn’t in constant pain anymore, just every time I took a step. I had two big trips planned for the year, and was determined to go and enjoy both of them, so I wiggled my butt all over Halifax/PEI, and then my magical trip to Peru with my 8th Fire Tribe. In hindsight how I did either trip was with pure determination as the pain could be intense at times. The greatest teaching I received from these trips was about accommodation and learning to receive help from others, that I wasn’t alone on this journey. I am now truly grateful for these teachings, as sometimes you know, yes I can do it by struggling through it, but why, I even asked the APU’s (mountains in Peru) for help, and help came in the form of a truck for a ride, thank you APU’s. Reaching out is not a weakness when it is done in the right context, sometimes it is just about letting someone else help you, it is all about receiving and giving in balance.

After Peru, I started getting worse, there wasn’t any new improvement and my Chiro said I think it is time that you go for further x-rays, there is more going on here. I wasn’t quite ready yet to give up on how I thought the healing should look, oh the life of a healer. The new year came and it was just more of the same, more pain, what was I going to do, is this what I am willing to live with for the rest of my life, just more of the same. Then in a healing session with my teacher (Pete Bernard –, he pointed out to me, healers have a hard time dealing with the physical as they work so much in the other bodies, emotional, spiritual, mental, karmic etc. They tend to forget that they are physical and this is one body that also needs to be worked with. I had got caught up in what I believed the healing should look like, not that it couldn’t have been healed miraculously, I had forgot that I had also come here to experience a physical experience, and that I should also look in the physical world for solutions and teachings.

I was past due for my three year medical check up so off I went to deal with the physical issues, actually I was a year late, there was nothing that was going to stop me from going to Peru,😊. So along with the usual check up items, I asked the doctor to send me for hip and knee x-rays. Well of course when the results came back there was no real surprise, the right hip was in replacement territory and knees were starting to be not so good either especially the left knee as it had been impacted with the waddle way I walked. This is how one item had started (the hip) was now effecting another item (knee). He then gave me a shot of cortisone in each knee, and recommended that I go to the Hip and Knee facility for assessment. Believe me at this time I was really not in a great frame of mind mentally or emotionally.

I just happened to have another session with my teacher and this time his words of wisdom (which I was finally able to hear) were are YOU DONE with this issue. When he said that I knew deep into my soul that yes I was finished, lets get this last little piece of what is living in my hip done with and I am NOW READY TO CREATE A NEW FUTURE WITHOUT THIS ISSUE, (there were many emotional, spiritual, mental, karmic issues of why I was holding on to this pain, if I’m honest it kept me from doing some things I wasn’t comfortable with doing, so it was an excuse to not participate in many ways, I was running from my life, not walking towards it). I was tired of creating the same future with the ongoing pain not knowing when it was going to end, what the heck was I waiting for, as long as I was waiting for something I was not creating a new future, I was creating more of the same. Funny enough the last little piece hiding in my hip was my trust of doctors, (going to a doctor was always a big stressor for me) which actually went back to my father’s issue of Bi-Polar and me as an 11 year old asking for help from a doctor for him, begging the doctor, crying and not getting the help we needed from the doctor for my dad. This 11yr old child lumped all doctors together, and really did not look at them as just people living and trying to do the best that they could, my dad’s sickness was this doctors fear, not mine, so I could not understand why he would not help.

I digress, when you finally give things over to the universe to provide, things happen very quickly, so I am calling this year, the year of the overhaul, I went to the facility for Hip and Knee assessments on March 6th, they referred me to a surgeon on March 18th, which the surgeon then told me that if I had waited another 4 months or so he would not have had any bone left in my hip to work with, so my initial surgery was scheduled for March 29th , which happened to get cancelled and then rescheduled for April 23rd, which was fine with me, I needed a little more time to breathe and process. Meanwhile I also went to a Naturopathic Doctor for the first time in my life for another issue, and found out that my Hormones could barely be counted, they are supposed to be lower at my age, but not almost non-existent, so I am now on Biodentical Hormone Therapy. The Naturopath suggested with my upcoming hip surgery that I might benefit by going to a Pelvic Floor Physio specialist, which I did who knew you could have knots in your muscles inside of your self, lol. I highly recommend this Physio to any woman who has had children, or even if they haven't had children, there are so many things that impact a woman's pelvic floor. (Interesting when you are ready to listen how the universe brings these people and things into your life, like I said this has truly been the year of the overhaul).

On the day of my surgery, I brought all of my non physical resources and the many blessings of my family and 8th Fire Tribe with me into the surgery, and then I did Reiki on the room and myself all through out the operation for Total Hip Replacement. The operation went extremely well, and recovery also went extremely well, I am now 3 months post surgery, and living a pain free hip life, knee is still a problem, lol, still working on that, Loved my surgeon, will see him again soon about the knee (amazing what a relationship/partnership you can have with your physical health team when you finally begin to see them as people). Just an aside, one item they don’t tell you about is the emotional part that happens after you have surgery, that when the doctor is cutting into you, deep cellular memory is then released. That is why people will sometimes experience depression etc., things they had not thought about before will start coming into their mental and emotional life. Anyhow this is just a time to breathe into what is coming up for you as it is now being released.

I am now working with my Naturopath on a weight loss program to loose the excess weight I have garnered over the years, something I would never have started if I had not at the beginning of the year decided I was DONE and it was time to dream a new FUTURE for myself into being. The universe saw I was done with this item also, so it provided me with my Naturopath, amazing how this works when you get out of your way and are not attached to what you believe the outcome should look like. I am still a work in process for sure, but isn’t that what life is all about, constantly creating a new you, so much more fun when you let go and let others help.

Is there anything in your life that you feel you have lived with for far too long, are you stuck in how you think the healed outcome should look like, are you using the issue as a means of avoidance, are you waiting for someone else to fix it or to change, ask yourself is it time to be DONE, is it time to create a different FUTURE without this item.

As another pocket of consciousness unfolds for me, look out world here I come, I am pumped. 🥰✨💫

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