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When Patterns are broken, new worlds emerge



I believe that there is more to life than what we know with our five senses, and that we are meant to be whole in every sense.

I believe we spend to much time on the symptoms of a dis – ease – comfort – belief and medicating them.  This causes the root of the issue to become blind to us, which allows it to be buried under the stories that we create to cope.

I believe that it is all in the question being asked, and that when we get to the root of the issue we can begin to ask the question that will lead to a healed outcome.  

I believe that if you can get to the root cause of an issue, it can be healed and the symptoms attached will disappear and no longer hold meaning to us.

I believe that energy is alive and can be used to heal if we are open to it.

I believe that the impossible is possible.

I believe in miracles and magic.


Imagine, Release All Beliefs, "It's Impossible"


 I do what I do with the knowledge and help from those who have come before me with the belief that there is nothing that you cannot heal if you truly believe that you can. 

I come from a very analytical background, I worked as an Accountant in the Corporate environment for over 30 years.  However the Alternative Healing Arts have always had a special place in my heart, (See more of my healing journey through my blogs) you could say that I have a Passion for the work that I now do.  The Corporate Arena taught me form and now my healing work is teaching me formlessness.

The laying on of hands and the passing of energy through one vessel to another has been used since the beginning of time to heal and to bring the bodies (Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual) into Balance. 

​Journeying is to enter into a Trance (light trance-similar to a guided meditation) which will help you to slip between the worlds and meaningfully interact with the Divine Aspects of who you are.  This will help you to bring into your conscious mind the underlying factors of the issue being worked on so that you may better understand and to heal. There are journeys to identify and heal core issues in your life such as abandonment, rejection, trust and self worth.  To begin to heal these core issues we will identify your beliefs,emotions,thoughts and where the issue lives in your body.


  Some examples of different types of the Journeys that I offer, but not all inclusive are

  • Animal Totems

  • Meeting your Spirit Guide

  • Past Life

  • Self Sorcery

  • Self Sabotage

  • Ancestral patterns

and so much more, my tool box is pretty full.  As long as we are up to exploring, the sky is the limit.

In a Safe and comfortable environment, we will track the issue to determine the different patterns that are playing out as symptoms in your life. Together we will process the information that is found to get to the very root of the issue.   We will begin to heal the issue with the appropriate healing tool or tools – either through Journeying or Energy Healing or both. 

The client would decide on an individual basis which of these Energetic Healing Modalities would be right for them. 


This can have a positive effect on all life through the many benefits of relaxation and immune system enhancement.


I have trained and completed with Pete Bernard ( 

Sacred Alchemy - Spiritual Energy Healing

  • Years 3 and 4 "The Way of the Medicine Keeper" - Completed October 2021

  • Years 1 and 2 "Earning The Light" (ETL) 2 year Professional Shamanism Training Program - Completed August 2017


Quantum Shamanic Reiki and Reiki (USUI) Master - Completed February 2020

Angel Fire

2yr Angel Fire Training Course (Angel Wisdom, Spiritual Healing & Energy Medicine Arts) - Completed December 2023

I Have trained and completed with Eugene Nau (


Usui/Holy Fire III Master - Completed May 2023

I have trained at the Stillpoint Institute with Meredith Young-Sowers

where I completed in June 2000

The One Year Intuitive perception and Energy Diagnosis Program.  




Hands releasing Stardust, Magic Happen


By facilitating these services with the client it will lead to a healed outcome as the client sees it, such as being more present in their life, by not living someone else’s version of what their life should be. Letting go of the patterns/symptoms that they recognize as either emotional/spiritual/mental/physical that no longer have a place in their life, which leads to a whole and fuller version of who they want to be.



Is to help others see the deep beauty/wisdom in themselves as I grow and develop the deep beauty/wisdom within myself.


To continue healing myself and enhancing my programs of study through (Pete Bernard) or with other Teachers.

To always be evolving and growing. 

By developing myself I can help my clients and myself to become as whole in every sense as we wish to be.



As per and Pete Bernard (Indigenous Algonquin Healer) I too state that these services are not for those seeking Psychological  or Medical help, if you require either Psychological or Medical help please look elsewhere.

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