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Energy Healing


Sacred Alchemy

(influenced by  Traditional Medicine Work   Shamanic Practices)

Spiritual - Energy



Reiki Practitioner

Peggy Atkinson
Online/Virtual Sessions Available 
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"HEALING doesn't mean the damage never existed. It means the damage no longer controls our lives."


Are you feeling lost, trapped in a life where you have really stopped living, caused by past events that prevent you from fully embracing the life that you were meant to live? 

Do you have problems reaching out to others for help, trusting, being heard, being seen, do you want to shutdown and hide, whose story are you really living? 

Do you want to change your story to one of empowerment and take charge of your life so that the past does not become your future?  Then Sacred Alchemy healing may be for you.  It will help you discover the patterns and attachments that prevent you from moving more fully and authentically into your life. 



I have had several healing sessions with Peggy, some in person, and some via Zoom. I felt very safe and in good, capable hands with her. Peggy’s intuition and connection with her medicines help make her very good at what she does.  I have found Peggy to be a well-grounded, very insightful facilitator, who helped me get to and recognize the root cause of unhealthy patterns and attachments, and then heal them.  The healing freed up a lot of my energy having me feel clearer, lighter and happier. 


I highly recommend Peggy’s services.  Thank you Peggy!

***  Wendy Armstrong, MH, CH, CCIr   ***

Healed Roots has brought me an immense amount of peace and patience.  Being able to open up and identify issues that have been weighing me down for years has been so freeing.

Peggy has a natural healing gift and a love for helping others.  I highly recommend and invite others to see Peggy at Healed Roots.  She will bring you through a healing journey in a comfortable and professional environment.

Let's begin Healing.

***  Dawn C. Trottier, RMT  ***

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